How to choose a colour scheme for your uniform?

Your team members are the face of your brand, outfitting them in uniforms that pair with your venue will make them easily identifiable as part of your team. As your team interacts with your customers, they bring the venue to life and turn an enjoyable experience into a memorable one.

With a vast amount of choice in terms of colour, texture & style, take this opportunity and choose a uniform that will WOW.

Here are a few elements relating to colour to help you choose your ideal uniform:


Match your theme

Your theme doesn’t need to stop at your uniform. Rustic, outdoors, movie style, artsy, vintage; whatever your theme, we’ve got styles to complement it.

Going for an outdoors/indoors theme? Try rustic greens, browns and neutral colours paired with denim.

If you don’t have a theme, try selecting your colours from the surroundings of your venue. If you’re located by the beach, it’s likely that your customers want to feel the beach vibes. Continuing this theme into your venue will make it more appealing to those passing by. For a beach/ocean themed uniform, try the royal blue.


Create an atmosphere

Warm colours express energy and speed. Which is why you’ll find reds, oranges and yellows in fast food restaurants. This colour combination supports high table turnover which for some might be an ideal scenario. The red is a great starting point for an energetic uniform.

In a venue where you want your guests to relax and enjoy a few beverages or go on to order a dessert, calm blue’s and purples might be a better option.


Try complementary colours… or go wild and contrast!

To create a comfortable atmosphere, it’s always good to start with complementing colours which sit easy with the eyes of your audience.

If you’re looking to make a big impact and a bold statement, be daring and try use contrasting colours.


Experiment with Textures

In a formal setting, flat colour garments are ideal. They keep your team looking smart and professional. Browse for Executive jackets for a look that will make a statement without demanding too much attention.


Complement your brand identity

Your venue and identity are built up from so many different elements. From your interior décor, tableware, to your menu design and welcome sign.  All of these elements work together to create your brand and the more consistency throughout these elements, the stronger the identity will be. Your uniforms should continue to support this.

Try starting with colours taken from your branding/logo. To avoid too much of an individual colour, go a few shades lighter or darker.


Bear your team in mind

By ensuring that your team is wearing an outfit they are comfortable in, there will be an increase in morale and productivity. When choosing a uniform, seek the opinions of your team members and find out what will they be happy wearing. A bright orange apron may look fantastic in your venue and most people welcome a splash of colour, but, if a sizable percentage of your team will dread donning their uniform every day, it might have a negative effect.

Contrary to widespread belief, not all team members need to wear the same uniform. Choose a range of styles to match, so your individual team members can feel comfortable and still look united.



Keep your brand consistent and choose a uniform which enhances your brand and empowers your team.


Source: ChefWorks Blog


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