Kakadu Plum Powder without seed

Kakadu Plum Powder without seed

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Kakadu plum contains high amounts of Vitamin C, lipid and water soluble antioxidants and other nutrients for good health.

Kakadu Plums grow wild in the subtropical areas of the Northern Territory, Western Australia and West Queensland. The yellow fruits when ripe are small, oval shaped and contain a large seed, which is not ground into the NATIF Kakadu Plum Powder.

We collaborate and support the Kindred Spirits Foundation who work hard to make sure that Indigenous people's Intellectual Property and Access and Benefit sharing are protected.
By purchasing from NATIF, you are supporting Indigenous communities across the top end of Australia and keeping the demand viable for them.

Freeze-dried premium Kakadu Plum powder – NO SEED 100%Pure, No Additives, Premium quality.